• Stuart

Contemporary Light shades for Edison filament bulbs

Filament Bulbs

Modern LED versions of the vintage Edison filament bulb are hugely popular and it's easy to see why. They are far more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than other LED or energy saving bulbs. The bulbs are often used as a statement piece, without a lampshade, to complement an urban, industrial theme. When done right, it can look great, but it is starting to pop up everywhere. I looked at how a lampshade could add to the image, without obscuring the bulb.

My designs are all "shadeless", constructed from metal tubing to frame the bulb and add interest, without obscuring the filament. The materials used (anodised aluminium, brushed steel and copper) compliment the industrial theme and could be customised to the setting.

Initial Concepts

The 3D modelling of the designs was produced in SolidWorks and Visualize was used for the rendering.

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