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EnergyMate: Realtime home energy monitoring

Smart meters are slowly becoming the norm in the UK and the Government has a target of rolling out the devices to all homes and business by the end of 2020. In 2007 smart meters were very much an emerging/future technology and the focus of my final year project.

Energymate: Real-time energy monitoring

EnergyMate was designed to be a whole home energy monitoring system providing the user with clear, real-time information that would promote energy reduction. The centre of the system was the Hub - a wireless display with 7" touchscreen and illuminating bezel - that would provide the user with real-time and historical information. The Hub would link to all the sensors in the home, as well connecting to the energy providers.

Energymate: Hub and sensors

A range of wireless sensors would provide information to the Hub on total water, gas and electricity usage as well as monitoring individual appliances. This would empower the user with the knowledge of where and when energy was being used and steps could then be taken to reduce consumption.

Energymate in situ

Energymate was selected to exhibit at New Designers in 2008 and shortlisted for the Innovation Nation Showcase at the Ideal Home Show.


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