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Lego Cycle Lanes Project

Lego minifigures cycling on cycle lanes
Lego cycle lanes

Like many designers, I was a huge Lego fan as a kid, so I was super excited when my daughter finally became old enough to have her own Lego sets. Within one of the sets was a bicycle, which she loved to play with, but it got me thinking, where are the cycle lanes in Lego City? The Lego city I loved as a child didn't seem to reflect the modern world, and certainly wasn't aspirational.


A Lego city road with cycle lanes
Adding cycle lanes to Lego road baseplates

It seems I wasn't the only person noticing the lack of cycling infrastructure in the brick world. Many threads on Twitter were dedicated to the same issue, and Dutch authorities were even accusing Lego of promoting a car-centric culture.

Lego straight road baseplate with cycle lanes
Lego straight road baseplate with cycle lanes

I decided to take matters into my own hands and design some custom made cycle lanes for the existing Lego road baseplates! The self adhesive cycle lanes are custom made for the straight, curve, T-junction and crossroad baseplates (60236 and 60237).

A cyclist using Lego cycle lanes
Harmony in Lego City!

The result is harmony between cars, cyclists and pedestrian minifigures as well as promoting active travel!

Lego road baseplates with cycle lanes
Lego road baseplates with cycle lanes

A limited run of the self adhesive cycle lanes for Lego is available to buy from my eBay store. They are UK manufactured, from fsc certified paper and 100% recyclable.


Since this project was completed, Lego have moved onto a new style baseplate and they have even included cycle lanes, although not without some criticism! A Lego fan even submitted this excellent idea to Lego for use with the new roads. Despite over 10,000 votes, the idea was rejected by Lego and lead to a bizarre statement from the Lego group.


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