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Modern Bus Shelter Design for the Lake District

Another throwback to a 2008 project to design a bus shelter for the Lake District, Cumbria.

Designing for rural areas in a National Park presents certain challenges including remote location (for power and data services etc), sensitivity to the surroundings and of course the weather! Despite this I wanted to provide a modern design with the latest technological conveniences.

Bus Shelter Design for the Lake District

The result of the project was a sleek and modern look, low impact, using sustainable materials, with good visibility and weather protection for passengers and real-time travel information.

"Eco Architecture: Rural bus shelter by Stuart Sharples is green and intelligent" ecofriend

Bus Shelter: Features Overview

The shelter comfortably seats three adults, providing protection from the elements whilst the large glass side panels allow for good visibility of approaching buses. A button on the inside of the shelter activates the shelter light (if it's dark), the real-time information screen and the Passenger Waiting light on top of the bus stop sign. These all switch off again automatically when no waiting passengers are detected to save power. An optional solar panel on the roof can supply batteries for off-grid installation.

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