• Stuart

Product Review: HP Tango

I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.

The HP Tango is a seriously impressive machine. Designed from the ground up for the mobile generation, the Tango is unlike any printer I have ever seen. From the outset you can see HP have taken a new direction; the packaging ditches the old black HP packaging for a bright white box with bold prints. First impressions? Wow, this looks amazing, are you sure it’s a printer? Wait until you plug it in, the Edge Light Display is amazing.

The design is a clear break from the usual HP look, this is a high-end premium design, not something you’d want to hide away like most printers. HP have been bold with their decisions, opting not to include a screen or any physical wired connections – this is a truly minimalist design and it works beautifully. The finer details have been well thought through – the way the paper tray swings out is really satisfying, as is the spring-loaded cartridge door. The whole thing looks completely buttonless until illuminated buttons appear from nowhere when needed.

The setup is equally inspired. Relevant areas of the printer illuminate to guide you through the app-based setup. Within minutes I was up and running and I haven’t suffered any connections problems to date. The print quality is great, and the speed is fine for home office use. The printer ships with a colour and black cartridge, as well as the usual Instant Ink option (plus unlimited photo printing from mobile – exclusive to Tango). The Instant Ink scheme is a good option if you print regularly, but it’s disappointing to see HP continue with their policy of forcing you to use HP inks only.

The HP Tango is a fantastic printer, not because it has endless bells and whistles, but because it doesn’t. It’s a printer, it works reliably, and it looks fantastic.



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