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Product Review: Huawei P20 lite

Disclaimer: I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review.

Huawei P20 lite (image source: Vodafone)

I have spent the last 2 weeks with the baby of the P20 family, the P20 lite. The P20 lite takes the design and quality of the high-end siblings but with a much lower price. Unfortunately, the headline-grabbing camera of the P20 Pro isn’t present here, but it is a good camera nevertheless.

Minimalist packaging - standard across the P20 range

The P20 lite is sticking to the familiar Huawei look, which follows the current smartphone trends of edge-to-edge screens and notches. Despite being the cheapest of the P20 line-up, I think the lite is actually the best looking. The rear mounted fingerprint scanner leaves a clean front which is almost entirely screen.

The notch

The P20 lite feels great in the hand thanks to the nicely rounded edges and svelte 7.4mm thickness. The inclusion of the 3.5mm jack (thank you Huawei!) proves that you can have the endangered port and thin body. The lite also includes SD card support for added storage, USB C connectivity and an excellent fingerprint scanner.

The phone ships with the latest version of Android Oreo and a selection of pre-installed apps (unfortunately not all of these can be removed). The Huawei skin (EMUI) isn’t too intrusive and can be customised to your preferences.

Performance is solid for everyday use and battery life is good, easily reaching the end of the day. Serious gamers may reach the limits of the processor, but I had no problems. The camera is good, if disappointing compared to the P20. The dual camera setup with dedicated bokeh lens allows you to capture nice images, but it doesn’t have the AI assist which I found so good on the P20.

The P20 lite is proof that you can have a great looking, well made phone for a budget price.


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