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Redbubble Designers Review 2020

I decided to put some work onto the popular print-on-demand service Redbubble in January 2019. It has now been a year since I uploaded my first designs, so how have I found it?

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is a print-on-demand service like Café Press, Zazzle, Spreadshirt and Teepublic. Designers can upload artwork and then Redbubble will sell the products, manufacture, ship and deal with the customer service. The designer will receive a commission for the sale (the amount can be adjusted in your account settings, but it is set at 20% by default). What sets Redbubble apart is their product rendering. Rather than just seeing two dimensional artwork, Redbubble shows your designs rendered onto the product as lifestyle shots - a huge selling point for the designer and customer.

What sells on Redbubble?

Everyone's experience on Redbubble will be different depending on the type of designs you are selling and who your audience is. But as a general rule, Redbubble is all about pop culture, and the big sellers are T-shirts and stickers. I have personally also had a lot of success with socks, which is a new offering (especially around Christmas). Redbubble have a huge product range and in the year I have been using it they have added several new lines, including clothing, homeware, art prints, stationery and accessories.

When I initially started on Redbubble I uploaded some sketches of local landmarks that I had done for my own home. These are obviously quite niche and the retail price of wall art is quite high, so I didn't sell any. Undeterred, I added more artwork I already had produced including posters and t-shirts. I started to get a few likes but no sales.

Finally I started to produce some trending, pop culture designs and the sales started to come in. As I began to get more sales and likes I could see what was popular and create more variations on those, so it became easier.

Midway through 2019 Redbubble added several new products to their homewares category, so I experimented with patterns and home décor designs. The product rending on Redbubble is amazing, so the designs looked great. I slowly started to build a few niches and in the run up to Christmas I took over half of my years' earnings.

How easy is it to make money on Redbubble?

It is incredibly easy to upload designs on Redbubble and present your work in the best light. It is less easy to make money. Redbubble have done a lot of advertising in 2019, but because the website has so much content it is very much up to the artist to drive traffic to their own work (through social media, websites, blogs etc). I'm sure some people are making a ton of money on Redbubble, but for me it's just a side project. In my first year I have gained 70 likes, made 35 sales and earned around £70 - definitely not enough to retire on, but hopefully it will continue to grow.

Hopefully this has given you a good insight into Redbubble. My advice would be to give it a try, but don't expect to get rich quick! Please leave a comment if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer, and check out my Redbubble Shop.

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