• Stuart

Tabletray: executive laptop tray

I have recently taken a trip down memory lane and dusted off some of my old university projects. One project that I enjoyed working on was TableTray, a very quick Industrial Design exercise to design a tray/table that could be used for eating breakfast in bed/working on a laptop.

I have spruced up the rendering and presentation (the software and my skills have improved dramatically since 2008!), but the concept remains unchanged.

I thought an ideal user to design the product for was the executive business person. The sort of person who might check their emails on a Sunday morning in bed (this was 2008, so laptops were still used to check business emails!). With this in mind I opted for a very clean aesthetic and premium materials. The legs/frame would be anodised aluminium and would click into place for table/tray mode.

I think visually the design has stood the test of time quite well, even if the rise of the smartphone has made the concept less necessary. TableTray remains one of my most popular projects on Coroflot and was picked up by a few design blogs including this one: https://hometone.com/table-tray-tray-table-or-both.html

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