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WiFiTV: Portable Media & Gaming Device

Continuing my trip down memory lane, I have been organising some of my old design work recently. A project that I particularly enjoyed at university was designing a portable media and gaming device which I named WifiTv.

WiFiTv: Portable media and gaming device (2008)

This project was in 2007/2008. The iPhone was a brand new concept, BBC iPlayer was just taking off and the Gameboy was still the king of handheld gaming. I wanted to bring together the new technologies of the time to create an immersive media and gaming experience.

WiFiTv: Features include a kickstand, wireless headphone charging and slide-out stereo speakers

WiFi TV featured a 6" touchscreen, slide-out stereo speakers, a kickstand and a wireless Bluetooth headset which could be stored and charged in the main unit.

The concept was well received and picked up my a few online blogs including Trend Hunter.

Soundstage+: A 2017 refresh of WiFiTv

A couple of years ago I revisited the concept with the idea of bringing some of the benefits of WiFiTv to the smartphone. The result was Soundstage+, an iPhone accessory featuring stereo speakers, an external battery, Airpod charging and storage and a kickstand for comfortable media viewing and gaming.

Soundstage+: Features overview

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